motivated & moving in good company

I teach Jazzercise.  I decided last year that I needed a tougher level of accountability in my fitness regime.  Turning 40 was right around the corner and I’m a strong believer of pay now or pay later when it comes to health and your life.  So I did it and made a bigger commitment to the path to healthier living.


It’s great to be “forced” to work out.  I learn routines, show up, instruct, sweat and have fun.  I have to be what be what I’m teaching.  I can’t be lazy, bored or unmotivated when I’m on stage three times a week.  I love that I’ve made this commitment.


But the very best part for me is the community of women (and occasional few good men) that I teach to.  I teach Jazzercise in a community center. The women that take my class are your average, everyday kind of gals between the ages of 30-70.  Some gals need to lose more weight, some need to de-stress, others just like to dance (secretly they are my favorites!).  They show up, sweat a little and have fun, and they do it in good company.


Everyone has a story to tell.  You would never know that tall attractive woman in the back is a former television executive producer and BFFs with Katie Couric.  You would never know the woman that never misses Mondays is suffering from arthritis and this is the one day a week that she’s committed to dancing and smiling through the pain.  And here we are a bunch of broads in all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities rocking out to “I’m Sexy and I Know It” and we’re wiggling it well.


Last week, Sandra Kim, one of my favorite students said something that has resonated with me and kept a big smile on my face.  You see, she’s a 50-something Korean-born wife & mom of two daughters that she put through college making sandwiches daily in her sandwich shop.  Sandra said to me, “Where else can I get my groove on and get funky where it doesn’t look so strange.  Here, we do it together and have fun.”


Sandra, it’s because of women like you, who still like to get funky at 50 and dance like nobody’s watching that I love teaching Jazzercise as much as I do.  I am inspired and totally motivated by the women in my class.  It makes my heart swell with joy to see bigger beauties getting funky with retired teachers, new moms and stressed-out middle managers.  We’re all in this fitness class together working it out, sweating, laughing and having a good time in good company.


Thank you ladies for the regular motivation and inspiration to be a better Jazzercise instructor because there’s nothing better for my heart than seeing you getting funky.


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